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A house constructed as per the principles of Vaasthu will definitely yield good results and lead to a happy life for its residents. Vaasthu shastra is more than the placement of a window or door during construction of the house. It is a science that works on the basic principle that the earth or soil is actually alive, and that all living or organic creatures emerge directly from it. This life force with the earth is called Vassthu, and all objects placed on it share this life force.

Thus we can say that Vassthu Shastra is:

Because Vaasthu is a systematic study of the impact of the rays of sun on the earth. The conditions caused by such an effect greatly influence the planning and construction of a house. Vaasthu reads the characteristics of houses and explains their influence on its residents in a scientific manner. Hence Vaasthu is rational.

Because Vaasthu can actually be put into practice to result in happy and prosperous lives for the residents of a house. People who want to construct a house simply need to observe the characteristics of an ideal house prescribed by Vaasthu. Its guidelines can put to use for correcting flaws in already-built houses too! Hence Vassthu is practicable and implementable.

Because Vaasthu is based on properties of the earth that are permanent, unchanging. Cosider this; the earth has been revolving around the sun for millions of years, and due to its magnetic properties a compass always points North. Likewise, Vaasthu is a permanent feature of the earth, its effects therefore is for ever.

Because any science which is beneficial to mankind is considered useful by creating comfort, ease in habitation and happier lives, Vaasthu has proven its role in adding value to society.

Our faith in Vassthu is founded on the ties between the earth and the sun. Derived from such origins, Vaasthu and its influence on man can not be but universal.

Vaastu in legend
Once upon a time a king named Sankhu lost his empire in war with his enemies. On the advice of the celestial voice Akasavani, he performed penance on a hill situated to the west of a lake in his kingdom. His prayers were answered and soon he was successful in regaining his lost kingdom. What we learn from this is that there must be an elevated terrain to the west of the house.

In the epic Mahabharata Veda Vyasa cites the root cause of the great battle as the Maya Sabha. Maya Sabha, meaning royal assembly was built by Maya the divine architect in the shape of perfect square, with a perimeter measuring 10.000 cubits.

Have you wondered?
Q. Why Commercial Street In Bangalore is such a sure-winnerfor all businesses based out of its busy street? A. Commercial street extends to the west and the east, sloping down in both directions, Kamraj Road that lies on its eastern boundary, extends towards north and south, sloping towards north. You'll find also that all roads adjoining Commercial street slope towards the north - Mariamma Koel Cross Road, Laxmana Modaliyar Road. Narayana Pillay Street, Jewelers Street, and Masjid street. All roads tend to raise' Commercial street to its zenith, thereby affecting favorable the fortunes of those who work out of here.

The 8 directions of Vaastu
There are 8 direction that apply to every plot or a house - East, governed by Lord Indra south East, Loard Agni South, Lord Yama, South West, Lord Rakshas or Nirtuthi West, Lord Varuna, North West, Lord Vaayu. North, Lord Kuber North East, Lord Easwar or Esana

Every direction has a distinct influence on the house. If they are all put to proper use (read as per Shastra), the 8 lords, the Ashta Devas will usher health and prosperity in the household.

Select your fortunate direction!
By direction, we mean the direction which the main door of the house faces. If not the main door, at least one other door should be in this direction. Pick your fortunate direction as per your birth star below Aswini- East North Bharani - South Krithika - South Rohini - South, West Mrigasira - South, West Arudra - North, West, South Punarvasu - North, West, South Pushya - North, East

Or if you were to go by the signs of the Zodiac-Aries - North Taurus - South Gemini - West Cancer - East Leo - North Virgo - South Libra - West Scorpio - East Sagittarius - North Capricorn - South Aquarius - West Pisces - East

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