MCL and TGC Services

Mobile Concrete Laboratory The mobile concrete laboratory is equipped testing facility with the necessary equipments and is manned by a trained engineer. The laboratory evaluates the suitability of materials used at your site by conducting various tests and provides guidance on selection of building material & good construction practices.

Services: Advice on...

Construction Practices

  • Right selection of cement and other building material
  • Do's and Donts for construction of durable buildings
  • Overall expert advice from our Technical Officer

Application of Cover Blocks
  • Protection of steel against corrosion using appropriate cover blocks
  • More durable slabs, beams and columns
  • Correct positioning of cover blocks

Concrete Testing
  • Right procedure of casting cubes
  • Right procedure of demoulding and curing
  • Cube test results of concrete
  • Evaluation of concrete cube test results
Use of Vibrator in Concreting
  • For dense & well compacted concrete
  • Elimination of Voids in concrete

On Site Demonstration
  • Visit by Qualified Civil Engineer
  • Preparatory work to be carried out prior to concreting Advice on placement of 'cover blocks and reinforcement
  • Mixing, transportation, placement. Compaction and finishing of concrete
  • Mobile Concrete Lab Services

Mobile Concrete Lab Services
  • Evaluation of concrete ingredients and workability
  • Cube test results at site
  • Confidence to house-buildiers

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