Home Painting Services

UltraTech Building Solution brings for you the unique Home Painting Services offered by Lewis Berger Home Painting (LBHP) division of Berger Paints. The service provides a whole range of services involved in painting with following added benefits:

  • Estimation
  • Color consultancy
  • Shade Selection
  • Paint Purchase Furniture shifting
  • Painting by specialized painters
  • Specialized Supervision
  • Post-painting clean up
  • Service warranty of 1 year
Color Pre-View Services
Apple white or Misty blue for your bedroom walls???
Softy pink or Whipped cream for your exterior walls??
Isnl it difficult to decide on a particular color combination for your dream home?

Wouldn't it help if you could see the effect of the different color shades on your walls before actually painting it, just like you try out your clothes or shoes to see how they look on you before buying!!

Pre-Views is a revolutionary service that allows you to see your dream home in different colors before you actually paint it. Through Lewis Berger Pre-View any consumer who wants to paint his home can actually see the effect of various color combinations in his or her home without actually painting it. To add to this one gets to choose ones colors from a range of exquisite color combinations tastefully compiled by expert color consultants. This is done by first taking the photographs of the house with a digital camera, then putting it into the PC at a color-bank outlet and adding the colors imagined through Berger's in-house software. All this makes it easier to choose the right color combinations for your dream home!!! These services are available from the UltraTech Building Solution outlets.

Thus it provides a single point solution for hassle free painting for your homes.

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